For long lasting and robust technical lamp applications

Brand Overview

Whether the application is for fast flashes or laser ignition, deep-UV, or for general high-temperature, Heralux® plus / VUV improves performance of the lamp.

Heralux® plus / VUV is a flame fused quartz glass made from semi-synthetic grain, designed for demanding lamp requirements, environment and conditions. The tube is fabricated using the unique Heraeus multi-step process.

Benefits of Heralux®

Heralux® provides smart answers for technical lamp applications. Benefit from a wide range of advantages, e.g.:

  • Good radiation resistance
  • Very low bubble content
  • Nearly blemish free surface
  • Wide range of geometries
  • Improved VUV resistance (Heralux® VUV)

Fields of Applications

Heralux® is suitable for many applications from VUV to visible light applications. Read more about specific applications below:


  • Data Sheet: Heralux® plus / Heralux® VUV