The basic grade for high-efficiency technical lamps

Brand Overview

HLQ®, Heraeus Lamp Quality is the trademark for electric fused undoped and doped quartz glass tubes made from natural sand – purified by the Heraeus refinement process. HLQ® is manufactured as single step tubing directly out of the Electric Fusion process (V-Zug), or as multi-step tubing out of the Reforming Furnace (S-Zug).

Single Step HLQ® is available as HLQ®200 (Un-doped), HLQ®235 (Titanium-oxide doped/ozone-free), or HLQ®382 (Cerium-Oxide doped/UV-blocking). Multi-Step HLQ® is available as HLQ®210 (undoped), and HLQ®270 (low alkaline). With additional annealing steps the OH-content is removable <1ppm depending on application and on request.

Benefits of HLQ®

HLQ® provides smart solutions for technical lamp applications. Benefit from a wide range of advantages, e.g.:

  • Low bubble content
  • Tight tolerances
  • Wall thickness portfolio from 0.5 to 6 mm

Fields of Application

HLQ® is suitable for many applications ranging from the UV-C to the visible and infrared spectrum. Read more about specific applications below: