Purasil® V

Commercial full synthetic quartz tubing for optimized performance in all UV application

Brand Overview

Longlasting efficient synthetic fused silica solutions for water and air treatment.

Ultraviolet light has long been established in many technical processes – especially the treatment of water, and disinfection of air and surfaces. As with many established technologies and processes, innovation sometimes occurs in the background. Some of these innovations are quietly very important and have a tremendous impact on the performance of systems. Electrically fused synthetic grain that still achieves the inclusion of stable OH into the glass matrix is one such innovation. A subtle solution that will set a new standard in the industry.

Our new Heraeus synthetic Purasil® V is not the first synthetic fused silica tube available on the market, but it is the first to combine all conceivable advantages of what is presently offered.

Benefits of Purasil® V

Purasil® V provides smart answers to many challenges availble in the market. Benefit from a wide range of advantages, e.g.:

  • Highest purity
  • Excellent transmission
  • Longest lifetime
  • High volume manufacturing process
  • Precise and tight manufacturing tolerances

With all of these benefits combined, Purasil® V can push UV systems to their full potential – first in class efficiency and ultimately, reduced cost of ownership for end users.

Fields of Applications

Purasil® V is suitable for many applications ranging from water treatment to disinfection of air and surfaces. Read more about specific applications below: