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Unmatched quartz glass quality assured by AI

Quartz glass, whether natural or synthetic, is an exceptional material widely utilized in industry and research for a variety of high-tech…


What this year's Nobel Prize has to do with laser optics and fused silica

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to an international team of researchers who investigated new effects caused by the interaction of laser…

Illustration of energy being released by fusion


Fusion energy – from hype to reality

The annual International Day of Light dates back to the world's first successful use of lasers in 1960. Today, laser systems can be crucial for an…

A technician adjusts an optic inside the preamplifier support structure


Nuclear Fusion – An Alternative for Fossil Fuels

Due to the increasing energy demand of the earth, it becomes more and more important to create sustainable and renewable energy sources. To solve…

Photo of the sun in space, surrounded by many other stars


Closing the green energy gap with fusion power

The world's hunger for energy, especially for electricity, is growing. This trend is being driven by increasing electrification in transport, heating,…

Myung-Hwan Bae and Young-Min Ji sign agreement


HS Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is now Heraeus Korea

Following its acquisition in November 2021, the Korean company HS Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (HSAM) is now fully integrated into Heraeus Conamic and…


World Water Day: Disinfecting water sustainably

Groundwater provides about half of the world's drinking and irrigation water – it is vital to humanity's water supply. Environmental pollution and…

Photo of quartz glass preform celebrating the year of glass


Incomparably versatile: Glass moves the world

Windows, displays, drinking glasses, or lasers - glass is everywhere and is often unrecognized in many applications without which our modern society…

Photo of a surgeon inserting a thin fiber


Crystal clear: Healing more efficiently with fused silica

Achieving as much as possible with the smallest possible intervention: The importance of minimally invasive surgery is steadily increasing in modern…