Purity and quality over decades

Brand Overview

Fluosil® is the well known brand for purity, reliability and quality in the field of optical fibers for high power, scientific or medical applications over decades.

Benefits of Fluosil®


All our materials are produced in synthetic vapor deposition processes of highest purity. Therefore we achieve materials with trace impurities below the detection limit. Using our materials allows you to produce optical fibers of highest performance and lowest losses over their lifetime.


Fluosil® is a well known standard in the specialty fiber community since the late 1970’s. You can trust on our commitment on quality and innovation. We support our customers with tailored solutions for new applications like fiber lasers and deliver consistent quality over decades for the medical market.


Consistent quality is a core requirement for market participants today. We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 and our behavior reflects the principles of the Heraeus Conamic Quality Handbook. We have all processes in house and can trace back every step from the final product to the raw material. This guarantees high performance and consistent quality over the entire life cycle of your products.

Fields of Applications

Optical fibers are among the hidden champions of our time. Whether as a communication fiber for the internet or as a power transmission fiber in industrial material processing or minimally invasive surgeries in the medical field. Read more about specific applications below: