Quartz Surface Treatments

The surface condition of quartzware plays an essential role, particularly for semiconductor processes. Heraeus offers quartz surface treatments to increase lifetime of quartz and / or enable cost saving potential.

SST - Special Surface Treatment

During semiconductor deposition processes the quartzware is coated with thin films. The adhesion of the deposited film to the quartz surface significantly influences the quartzware mean time between cleaning (MTBC) from non CTE matched deposition layers. Heraeus SST is a surface treatment that has been designed to increase the deposited layer thickness and suppress particle generation. This results in lowering the cost of ownership of the quartzware.

For semiconductor etch processes have deposited polymer films Heraeus SST provides a clean surface which provides superior adhesion of the film. This potentially can reduce the burn-in time and prolong the MTBC.


  • Data Sheet: SST - Special Surface Treatment