Fused Silica for Semiconductor

Heraeus Conamic offers the industry's best in class fused silica products with the highest purity for semiconductor manufacturing processes. Areas of application include products for manufacturing equipment of computer chips, used in home computer, mobile devices, and many more. Whatever your application is, we have the perfect solution right at hand.

The right material partner for your semiconductor application

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Highest purity

Our inhouse purification technology, combined with our certified chemistry lab guarantees for the most reliable and stable high purity for semiconductor applications.

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Best in class material

Our fused silica comes with the highest thermal stability while maintaining low bubble contents and tight dimensional tolerances.

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Reliable partner at your side

Heraeus Conamic is the leading-edge material specialist and the reliable technology partner at your side.

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Consulting expertise

We have the knowledge and experience to offer you the best suitable material for your semiconductor application.

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Consistent quality

We guarantee reliable quality of our material to solve your application challenges.

Quartz Base Materials

The Quartz Base Materials represent the basic product geometries made from fused quartz and silica like ingots, rods, tubes, plates and more. In this field Heraeus Conamic provides products in a standardized form that can already be matched to the final application in certain geometrical dimension like outer diameter, wall thickness or length.

  • Base Materials

    Heraeus Conamic produces and supplies semi-finished quartz glass products. The products range from blocks and plates to cylinders and tubes. By continuous improvement of existing products and developments of in-house researchers, we provide tailored solutions to satisfy both the well known as well as the new demands and expectations of our customers.

    All processes at Heraeus Conamic comply with the stringent certifications requirements of the semiconductor industry and other high-tech companies.

    Heraeus Conamic has mastered many different processes to supply quartz glass in almost any shape and material quality. This variety of different quartz glass grades and production routes has earned Heraeus a reputation for flexibility and innovative strength.

Fabricated Quartzware

In the area of Fabricated Quartzware, Heraeus Conamic is providing fused quartz and silica products further machined to the final application as per drawing. This enables the customer to receive Fabricated Quartzware in the final geometries from the hands of one expert provider. Fabricated Quartzware can be distinguished by the production type of the final semiconductor applications:

  • Quartzware for Single Wafer Applications

    Heraeus Conamic can provide quartzware for all typical single wafer applications such as rings, windows, domes, liners and more for all relevant semiconductor processes. Solutions are available for processing wafers from up to 12 inch (others on request).

    To ensure optimum performance of the final quartzware it is detrimental to choose the appropriate base material, surface morphology and cleanness. Heraeus Conamic can offer design support via our worldwide fabrication network connecting you with the experts in this field.

  • Quartzware for Batch Furnace

    Regarding batch furnace applications, Heraeus Conamic can offer quartzware for all typical batch applications such as CVD, epitaxial deposition and other high-temperature processes. Product examples for batch systems are process tubes, liners, pedestals, gas injectors and many more complex components. Solutions are available for processing wafers up to 12 inch.

    Heraeus Conamic can also provide quartzware ready for install (CFI) enabling our customers to use our products directly after delivery and without any further treatment.

    To ensure optimum performance of the final quartzware Heraeus Conamic can offer design support via our worldwide fabrication network connecting you with the experts in this field.

Fused Quartz Products by Shape

The Heraeus Conamic fused silica portfolio covers a wide range of shapes and dimensions. These include tubes, heavy wall hollows, ingots, plates and other geometries specifically for semiconductor applications.