Design and Technical Support

The optimal design of fused silica products and the selection of the right material for an application have a significant impact on functionality and cost of the end product.

Involving Heraeus Conamic early on in the design phase will ensure that you receive solutions with the best cost-performance ratio.

A photo of engineer drawings with a pencil, compass, calculator and ruler

Semiconductor Applications

In addition to the build to print fabrication of quartzware Heraeus offers design support from concept to completion.
The optimal design of quartzware has a significant impact on functionality and cost. Involving Heraeus Conamic in the earliest stage of design provides quartzware with lowest cost of ownership. Aspects of the quartzware such as handling, lifetime, yield during use can be improved by design optimization.

Heraeus also supports design modification and re-design of current quartzware.

Optical Applications

Designing a new optical device can be quite challenging. The basic prerequisite is to know the material properties (refractive index, transmission properties, etc.), as best as possible. It is of equal importance to understand how various shapes of fused silica components can be made and where cost steps are.

At Heraeus Conamic we have gathered process- and material know-how about fused silica. This know-how we happily share to support you in finding the optimal solution for your task. Please contact us, so we can either provide information or arrange for a personal meeting.

Specialty Fibers

The best performance of an optical fiber is already determined at the preform design stage. The design includes among others selecting the right material and shape for the fiber core, as well as the thickness and refractive index of the claddings. These factors will strongly influence the performance of your fiber.

At Heraeus Conamic we have in-depth knowledge of fused silica materials and their processing possibilities. We can help you find the optimal design for your fiber based on your requirements. Whether you need a fiber suitable for high radiation or solarization conditions or special shapes and guiding properties, please contact us and benefit from our know-how.