The umbrella brand for all natural fused quartz grades for optical and lamp applications

Brand Overview

Vitreosil® is our umbrella brand for fused quartz material grades for optical and lamp applications. Vitreosil® stands for high quality fused quartz products since the first fusion of rock crystals by Heraeus’ Richard Küch in 1899.

Benefits of Vitreosil®

Our material grades from the Vitreosil® family stand for high quality natural raw materials along with a proprietary purification process. Benefit from a wide range of advantages, e.g.:

  • High purity
  • Low bubble content
  • Low variance in quality and performance

Fields of Applications

The applications are as diverse as the grades under the umbrella of Vitreosil.

  • The low OH grades are well suited for applications at high temperatures and the NIR.
  • The higher OH grades perform well in demanding flash lamp environments
  • Our doped grades with tailored transmission properties serve many different applications ranging from UV free light sources to no leaking mirror subtrates.



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