High performance black fused silica for optical applications.

Brand Overview

Nerasil® is a black fused silica that can be machined just like transparent fused silica. Its special optical properties make it an excellent choice for all applications where a high degree of absorption is required.

Benefits of Nerasil®

Nerasil® is a non-transparent fused quartz. It is designed as an absorber. The doping level is low enough that the mechanical properties are comparable to transparent fused quartz - a valuable member of the Vitreosil® family.

The benefits of Nerasil® include:

  • Low transmission even at low material thickness
  • Machinable as transparent fused silica
  • Comparable thermal properties with transparent fused silica also allow bonding between these two types

Fields of Applications

Nerasil® is suitable for all optical applications where a high degree of absorption is required.
Some examples are:

  • Mirror substrates (as Nerasil® suppresses unwanted transmissionen)
  • Ferrules for optical elements to suppress stray light
  • Back sides of cuvettes to eliminate signals from backwall reflection