Working at Heraeus Conamic in Kleinostheim

At Heraeus Conamic, your career is more than just a living. It is a chance to make an impact in a global, innovative and market-leading company.

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Place for open minded people

We are looking for motivated, open-minded people who are creative, passionate about innovation and bring imagination to their work.

At Heraeus Conamic, we offer a supportive environment where you can develop professionally and reach your full potential. Heraeus Conamic combines different work environments. With us, you can work in the production area in a fully continuous shift, 24/7 with regular working hours, or mobile in administrative areas. We are very flexible when it comes to this, from part-time and shortened working weeks to job sharing, we offer many options.

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Your benefits at Heraeus Conamic in Kleinostheim, Germany

We believe when our employees feel their best, they are able to work at their personal best. Heraeus Conamic has a performance-driven culture that recognizes and rewards your hard work with a comprehensive package of benefits.

Financial benefits 

Our salaries and wages are highly competitive and reflect our commitment to fairly compensate every employee based on their talents, experience and contributions to the company's growth and success. 

Additional you benefit from: 

  • Company pension scheme 
  • Wage per chemical industry agreement 
  • Free employee parking
  • Special parking spaces are designated for women and shift workers
  • Employee discounts via corporate benefits
  • Employees in production areas benefit from shift bonuses and additional vacation days in connection with the full-continuous shift


Health & well-being 

We are committed to providing health benefits that promote wellness and provide protection and peace of mind for employees and their families. 

Benefit from: 

  • Company doctor on site 
  • CareFlex Chemie supplementary nursing care insurance 
  • Discounts at fitness studios 
  • Bicycle leasing 
  • Excellent canteen with a daily selection of three dishes, with outdoor seating possibilities
  • Free water dispensers in all areas



Everyone at Heraeus Conamic has other roles and responsibilities besides work: As a mother, brother, friend, athlete or volunteer. It is important to us to organize our work in such a way that it is compatible with a fulfilled life.

Benefit from: 

  • Flexible working hours 
  • Overtime compensation 
  • Option of time off 
  • Meet the family exchange programme