High Purity Fused Silica Rods for Specialty Fibers

Heraeus Conamic has a long history of producing fused silica materials with optimized optical properties for a broad range of specialty fiber applications. With our Fluosil® rods we master the production of fused silica base materials for UV, VIS, and NIR optimized for demanding applications. These fused silica rods are the basis for many types of specialty fiber preforms and applications.

A photo of many sizes of solid fused silica rods
  • Product Benefits

    • High Quality (HQ) Rods:
      Highest purity is key for low attenuation fibers. Therefore Heraeus Fluosil® HQ synthetic fused silica rods are the material of choice to achieve the highest performance.
    • Economic Standard (ES) Rods:
      For price sensitive, large volume applications we offer our Fluosil® ES synthetic fused silica rods. ES rods are suited for those applications where the quality and higher costs of the HQ grade are not required.

    Depending on the application, high and low OH materials are available.

  • Fields of Applications

    • Core Material for Multi-mode or Plastic Clad Silica Fibers:
      As a material which later forms the light-conducting core of the fiber. These rods should be made of a material which has a low absorption in the desired wavelength region. This rod must then be provided with a cladding. This fiber either is a plastic clad pure silica core fiber (PCS) or the rod is given a quartz glass cladding with a lower refractive index (multi-mode fiber).
    • Photonic Crystal Fibers (PCF):
      For forming a preform for photonic crystal fibers (PCF) (stacking of different glass pieces, or drilling holes into the rods).
    • Handle Material:
      As an aid for the production of specialty fibers.


  • Data Sheet: High Purity Fused Silica Rods