Fused Quartz and Silica Tubes for Lamp Manufacturing

Heraeus lamp tubes are used in specialty lamp applications.

The product portfolio covers natural fused quartz and synthetic fused silica tubing in both doped and undoped grades.

A photo of various quartz tubes used in lamp manufacturing

UV Applications

Depending on the customer application Heraeus is able to supply natural, synthetic and ozone-free lamp tubes. Typical applications are low- and mid-pressure lamps which are used in disinfection, UV curing, surface activation and chemical activation of process gas.

Our synthetic material is best suited for extreme UV applications such as excimer lamps and other deep UV applications.

IR Applications

To achieve high transmission in infrared applications Heraeus offers tubing with a low OH content which provides excellent thermal stability. When combined with high chemical purity and tight geometric tolerances we are able to address even the most demanding applications.

Lamp tubing is available from 10mm < DIA < 64mm.

Visible Applications

Visible light applications include short-arc lamps, sun simulation, stage and studio lighting, optical lamps for spectroscopy, and pulsed-flash lamps for both laser and non-laser applications.

These applications sometimes require natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic quartz with a range of properties. Tolerance to thermal stress and high energy is usually required.

Other Applications

Heraeus lamp tubing is used in a wide variety of other applications such as IPL, Laser, Optics and Analytics.

Depending on your application Heraeus material specialists can help develop custom solutions.