In the following you will find an overview of the different fusion technologies that Heraeus Conamic can utilize, each highlighted by the leading material advantage in this segment.

Natural Fused Quartz

  • Electrically Fused Quartz Tubes
    HSQ®100 single-step quartz tubes are drawn in an electrical fusion process resulting in a cost-efficient solution for many industrial applications.
    For more demanding and high-end semiconductor applications Heraeus Conamic can provide multi-step and improved single step electrically fused quartz tubes in HSQ®300, HSQ®330 and HSQ®330S material quality depending on the purity requirements of the customers’ application.
    This results in a material with enhanced homogeneity and low OH-content for high thermal stability in the final application.
  • Electrically Fused and Stabilized Quartz Tubes
    For high temperature applications Heraeus Conamic can offer electrically fused quartz tubes with further improved temperature stability to reduce the possibility of sagging at elevated working temperatures.
    The utilized large diameter fused quartz tubes are therefore impregnated with a special agent to induce the formation of a stabilization layer in the final application. The originating fused quartz tubes are referred to by the HSQ®400 material quality.


Synthetic Fused Silica

Synthetic Fused Silica Tubes

Heraeus Conamic produces synthetic fused silica tubes to address the most demanding needs of the semiconductor industry. HSQ®900 is the corresponding material quality characterized by parts per billion class purity and zero bubble content.