"Good Glass for Great Fiber Solutions"

Close up photo of a bundle of optical fibers


For decades, Fluosil® has been synonymous with purity, reliability, and quality in optical fibers for high performance, scientific and medical applications.

Benefits of Fluosil®

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Broadband transmission

Materials' transmission bandwidth influences fiber optics' applicability. Heraeus Conamic fused silica offers a wide transmission spectrum, optimized for enhanced light transmission across varied ranges.

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High damage threshold

Transmission and damage threshold are key for high power laser/UV applications. Heraeus Conamic fused silica excels in both, offering superior transmission and an unmatched high damage threshold.

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High power applications need pure materials with low contamination absorption. Heraeus Conamic fused silica's outstanding purity makes it ideal for such requirements.

Fiber breakage

Contaminants can cause fiber breakage during drawing. Heraeus Conamic fused silica uses a synthetic gas phase deposition process for low breakage rates.

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Geometrical precision

Tight tolerances in fiber starting materials enable higher quality standards. Heraeus Conamic produces materials with precise geometric parameters, with processes to further tighten these tolerances.

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Production quality and reliability

Heraeus Conamic controls each process, tracing from raw material to end product. We've delivered consistent quality for decades and aim to continue our legacy.